Author: Frederick Douglass

Pages: 126

Cover Price: $4.95 US Paperback $1.995 New / $1.18 Used

Category: Memoir / History / African American

Why This is a OneRead: Mr. Douglass, or who we know as Mr. Douglass, provides an unforgettable account of his awful experience as an American slave. Everyone, regardless of heritage, should read this priceless book especially if you have never read a narrative of slavery. This story will make you appreciate your life and freedom.



July 6, 2010

Author: Elie Wiesel

Pages: 120

Cover Price: $9.95 US Paperback $4.75 New / $1.12 Used

Category: Memoir / Spirituality

Why This is a OneRead: Mr. Wiesel experienced one of the most horrific events in world history. This true account of his victimization of the Holocaust will make you speechless. I found myself wanting to read faster than my ability and yet scared to read the next word all at the same time. If you want to educate yourself as to what the Holocaust was really like, and you should if you have done so before, this is the book to read. It is extremely descriptive, so be advised. I wondered for a while why he survived, as millions did not, and I would like to think it is so he could share with us his experience and how blessed we are who have not experienced such a trauma. This is one I read in one day it was so [good, not sure if that is the right word].

The 4:8 Principle

May 31, 2010

Author: Tommy Newberry

Pages: 240

Cover Price: $14.99 US Paperback $8.00 New / $4.66 Used

Category: Self Help / Christianity

Why This is a OneRead: This book will tell you ways to control your thoughts like you never knew. I was extremely skeptical of this book at first and even into the first few chapters. It was hard to believe. But when I did what it suggested, it worked! I think differently! I am more aware of the lies Satan tells me because of this book. And therefore, more in control of what I think. If you have ever struggled with constant negative mental thoughts, depression, life long mental issues, or just bad mental habits you cannot kick, this book is for you. I think it would benefit everyone, no matter what level of mental struggles you have. I have never encountered such an eye-opening and practical teaching on the mind.

Food Rules

May 15, 2010

Author: Michael Pollan

Pages: 140

Cover Price: $11.00 US Paperback $6.60 New / $4.95 Used

Category: Food / Nutrition

Why This is a OneRead: What Should I eat? What kind of food should I eat? How should I eat? Sounds simple right? Wrong. If you live in America like me, care about your health, have done research on the “right” foods to eat (at least most of the time), it is no less than a battle. Surrounded by processed foods and “an eating” culture, this small book offers some great rules to follow. But, if you have not read Mr. Pollan’s, “In Defense of Food” or “Omnivore’s Dilemma,” YOU MUST!!! You will not be able to appreciate these rules until you do!

In Defense of Food

May 15, 2010

Author: Michael Pollan

Pages: 244

Cover Price: $15.00 US Paperback $7.28 New / $7.22 Used

Category: Food / Nutrition

Why This is a OneRead: I had a head full of food rules, don’t eat this, eat that, low carbs, low fat, high protein, low calories…So many rules I have heard! It became exhausting to figure out what to eat, because for every rule I knew, there was a rule against it! Years of looking for a way to eat for health led me here. If you care about just eating healthy, you must read this if you want to know how. If you want to lose weight however, this book is not about that, although depending where you are “at,” it may or may not help you. Mr. Pollan tells you how you can eat for your health, and by default, for the better treatment of animals and the “planet.” Do you feel locked in by the nutrition label? Here is your way out!!!

Omnivore’s Dilemma

March 8, 2010

Author: Michael Pollan

Pages: 450

Cover Price: $16.00 US Paperback $7.49 New / $6.15 Used

Category: Food / Nutrition

Why This is a OneRead: Did you know corn is in almost everything you probably eat? Is this a good thing? Do you how the life of a cow lives before you buy it at the grocery store? Is it worse than you think? Did you know [true] organic farmers don’t consider Whole Foods as an [organic] food store? Why? Do you really know what you are eating? 99% of you don’t, I insist. I didn’t. This is a oneread because it enlightens like no other. The author will make you laugh throughout and offer as much an unbiased opinion as you will get with truth in the same token. If you care at all about what you eat, you must read this. I must warn you, if you are generally a paranoid person, I caution you as well. There are some strong facts / opinions in here that may hit a nerve or poke an appetite.

p.s. If you are dying for answers after you read this book, read his other book, “Food Rules.”

Nancy Drew Series

October 9, 2009

ND PCB box mech.indd

Author:  Carolyn Keene

Pages:  ~200

Cover Price:  $6.99 US Paperback  $1.27 New / $0.01 Used

Category:  Mystery / Young Reader

Why This is a OneRead:  This read will make you wonder what is going on?  With various mysteries going on, you will be hooked on figuring out the answer to the puzzle.  Great books to just take your mind off things.

The Bible

October 9, 2009

Author:  God


Pages:  ~2000

Cover Price:  Free – $130,000  Free – $40,000

Category:  Religion / Spirituality

Why This is the OneRead:  Words cannot describe what the bible has to offer.  No one else has or will ever write something more important or life changing.  Most people don’t read the bible much do what it says.  But for those who do [both], have been given the path to eternal life.  I am a strong believer that the bible is the only way.  It is God’s word, and He says it is the only way to Him in the end.  He has kept every promise I have read when I have done what it said.  Matthew 4:4 says “Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ”  People don’t start living until they read the bible and do what it says, but they think they do.

Harry Potter Series

September 30, 2009

Harry Potter

Author:  J. K. Rowling

Pages:  309 – 870

Cover Price:  $7.99 – 14.99 US Paperback  $3.00 – 8.69 New / $4.35 – 9.99 Used

Category:  Fiction / Independent Reader

Why This is a OneReadYes, I am a christian and do recommend this book for kids against the advice of those who use the “Wizard” arguement as an excuse not to read. This read is a great, long series that will keep you occupied 100%.  J. K. Rowling is an amazing descriptive writer that makes you feel like you are in the story.  It is a great story about a young boy trying to do good against evil, a lesson we all need.  This a true masterpiece; arguably one the few that come along every decade or more.

Rejoice Always

September 28, 2009

Author:  Dr. Michael Shapiro and Dr. Mary Shapiro

Pages:  118  $6.77 New / $0.32 Usedrejoice always

Category:  Religion / Spirituality and Mental Health

Why This is a OneRead:  This read is an in depth look at serious mental health issues and what the Bible has to say about them.  I was surprised at how many mental health issues appeared in the bible.  This is great if you struggle with mental health issues or you have a loved one who does.